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Welcome to Formula 1 Db. I created this site for fun. I am a huge fan of Formula 1 racing and I wanted to be able to analyze seasons and championships programatically. This is the result. Every table on this site was generated from my database. Here is an example of the kind of data you can find on this site:

If Formula 1 used Nascar's point system, Damon Hill would have been the 1994 Champion instead of Micheal Schumacher.
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Jody Schekter won the 1979 championship despite having fewer podiums than Gilles Villenueve.
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My name is Paddy Mullen. I created this site for fun and it is no longer in active maintence, feel free to browse and enjoy it though. You can catch up with me at Paddy Mullen. I now am the CTO of QuantRunner Software.